External ISDN modems

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Postby Herman » Tue Nov 18, 2003 5:44 am


If you have problems with Todos external ISDN modems, failures like chat timeout and initialization failures (may be applicable to other modems as well) you might want to try this:

add the command echo "AT%B8" > /dev/cua0 (or wherever you have installed your modem) immediatly after the serial port is initalized. Add %B8 to your MINITO as well.

This force the modem to use 115200 bps. For some reason my modem tries to use 230400 by default.

I put mine in rc_comm ... I guess there is some better place to put it. But it worked.

(It might be possible to store a new AT&F in the modem where %B8 is set, but i haven't tried it)
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