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Postby MeneM » Wed Mar 06, 2002 4:56 pm

Send to me by DaEnbl. Thank you DaEnbl!
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This is for people who want a Virtual Private Network connection. Remember: This user is satisfied. But I do not know if replacing the Kernel with this one is a good idea. So use at own risk!


VPN Client > Freesco > server


<a href="http://freesco.docnielsen.dk/kernels/kernel-ipsec.tgz" target="_blank">kernel-ipsec.tgz</a>

(thanks docnielsen)

Only thing you have to do is to replace old kernel with kernel-ipsec-pptpserver (remove the old one, and name the kernel-ipsec-pptpserver to kernel)

There is no need to forward any ports.

I can connect from two Win PCs at the same time ?to my company's VPN server.

I'm using Nortel Access Client v.04_10.68

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