How to uninstall a package

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Postby dingetje » Fri Aug 09, 2002 6:05 am

<font color='#000080'>The freesco 0.2.7 package system allows to install updates and 3rd party packages using the installpkg command.
Most packages also come with an uninstall script. The command to uninstall packages is called removepkg

Type the command without arguments to get a listing of the packages that can be uninstalled.
(BTW: this is also a nice way to show what packages are installed.)

To remove a specific package, use removepkg packagename
where packagename is the name of one of the packages from the listing.

Detailed info:
The remove package scripts reside in /mnt/router/rc/uninst and have extension .rm (for remove).
You can look at the contents of a package remove script by simply using cat packagename.rm.
This tells you what the uninstall script is doing. Usually it is:
[*]stopping the package
[*]removing all package files
[*]removing the startup/shutdown script
[*]removing the uninstall script

Some more complex packages, like apache, try to restore the situation from before they were installed.

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