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Postby dRB » Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:19 am

:) the base logic is very simple, everything else flows from that..

I think a good place to start any learning curve is the apache documentation.

As far as I understand...

Apache parses the configuration vhost list as first-read-first-served

Always use ServerName and ServerAlias directives in the vhost block. The logic is this:
--- a ServerName is the main entity,
--- ServerAlias(es) are subsets of the main entity, inclusive of the ServerName.

The asterisk in conjunction with a ServerAlias is very powerful, and can be interpreted as follows:
[*.main.entity] is equivalent to saying [(catchall-subset).main.entity]

The asterisk alone as a ServerAlias is THE trump card, and will simply take precedence in the order it is read in the vhost list, and is inclusive of the main entity, its subsets, and all non subset domains at that ip/port.

So if you want [some.domain] to resolve as intended, then make sure its vhost block is not TRUMPED by a previously parsed vhost block. (assuming all other setup particulars are in order)

Please bear with me ... I seemed to have lost my marbles.
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