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Just stopping by to say Hi and Thanks

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:05 am
by Speedy Lan
Hello Lightning, all,

I just stopped by to say Hi and Thanks.
Many years have passed since I found this really great project and I have enjoyed the use of FREESCO a great deal.

Since my provider started with IPv6 and gave me a router/modem etc., I have stopped using FREESCO but many of the things I have learned while using it were helpful when I was working on my own servers, running Debian and TeamSpeak.
It is true that FREESCO gave a more hands-on use than those web-interface-pages on ready-bought routers.
I miss that sometimes. But not enough to go join the router-hackers that exist for certain types of routers.

Sometimes I think that the dedicated server that I run 24/7 could well be used to do the routing/firewall etc. as well.
But I am not experienced enough to set that up from scratch.
So, that's why I stopped by to see if and how the IPv6 was coming along.

I see that it has gone pretty quiet here and I can understand Lightning too.
Perhaps this might be one of the last posts here, that is why I wrote it like I did.

So, all the best, take care and greetings from

Speedy Lan

Re: Just stopping by to say Hi and Thanks

PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2016 4:54 pm
by strampke

I want to support this post.
Since 1 march 2016 I have said goodbye to Freesco.
Starting with 0.2.7 Freesco has always protected my LAN @work.
I have retired and so did my Freesco router @work.
Freesco was and is great!

@home I use a providers' router now and for fun I am playing with Raspberry pi.
The latter is not as stable as many think it is.
Executing more than 1 or 2 tasks at the same time makes it choke.

I want to thank Lightning, Dingetje and the many, many contributers to Freesco for all their efforts, for their great patience with me, for their help, for everything.
I will keep my last Pentium II with Freesco installed.
The machine never gives up.

Thank you all. We had a great time!


Re: Just stopping by to say Hi and Thanks

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:58 pm
by dingetje
Thank you for the thanks guys, much appreciated.

It seems FREESCO is slowly, but surely, going the way of the Dodo, because let's face it, there's no longer a need to run a firewall on a dedicated 24/7 PC with state of the art firewalls build-in most off-the-shelve routers.

But boy, I will sure miss those evenings tinkering with configurations, trying to get software compiled and running on that old, old kernel. But most of all I'll miss the FREESCO community and team. I don't think there are many other projects out there that have/had such a friendly atmosphere on the forum even for newbies. Mostly thanks to *the man* Lightning of course, who was (en is) never too tired or too busy to assist with advice and share his fast knowledge. He's like a pitbull that never gives up and keeps going until the issue is resolved :mrgreen:

Also a big "Thank you" to Howler for setting up the FREESCO software repository system and many years of moderating and administrating the forum!

And, lets not forget, all this for FREE (as in free beer), in the true spirit of open source!

My hat's off to all of you.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Don't worry I'll still come by now and then, and my FREESCO box is still up and running, although on challenging hardware and no longer being my main firewall/router.