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Postby Guest » Sat Jun 29, 2002 5:59 pm


This is the one and only notice !!!!

? This is a notice that in less than 1 months time (roughly in a couple weeks), the domain will be moving to a new server at a differnet location. ?This means that for roughly 2-4 days, at that time, the FREESCO Support Forum, then the main FREESCOsoft site, will be down while it is moved.

? The forum, will be the first thing running, but please allow me some time to work on it before you try to access it every 5 minutes to see if it is back. ?I promise to make it as quick as possible, as I know some may notice minor FREESCO withdrawl symptoms during that time. ;) ?Please try and allow me roughly 2 days to get this finished before trying to access the forum at all, if it is not there, then wait another day before trying again, please.

? A notice also to the FREESCOsoft mirror holders. ?Please hold off on all updates when the forum goes down, I will inform you when I have things re-setup at the new location.

Later all you FREESCO freaks (myself included ;) ),

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