Down Time :(

New versions, modules, add-ons, etc., will be posted here.

Postby Administrator » Mon Apr 01, 2002 10:29 am

Hello all,

Sorry about the forum being down :(
I was not informed that they were moving my site and I could not get it done right away.  We also had a few other things going on and hopefully they will be sorted out soon also.

I have reopened the forum for now.  If I end up having more forum problems here, it may be brought down again until things can be cleared up.

Sorry all,

Postby Administrator » Mon Apr 01, 2002 5:23 pm

On another note....

I am going to let this forum run itself. ?The moderators will continue to do their jobs and I will be here for the "forum errors and the like", but not much else. ?Now that the Serge has returned and FREESCO has the domains back in working-control and updateable.

I will be in and out, as myself "Howler", I need to keep current ;) , but will not be around as much as I have been. ?Going to try and concentrate on my site and the mirrors. ?

Now that some more of the First Freesco Team has returned, I will leave the forum in their control, more or less, and they can continue where it was left off. ?I am sure it is in capable hands.

See ya around the forum and in cyberspace.
Take Care all , I will try not to be a stranger, too much. ;)


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