Bridging mode?

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Bridging mode?

Postby strampke » Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:47 pm

A client of mine has a problem that has nothing to do with my bussiness, but I think Freesco has an answer to the problem.

This is the problem.
Two firms want to merge their bussiness. To start with they want to reduce costs and they will share their offices.
They want to use the offices infrastructure, but they want to use theit own IT system.
So the move to a new location.
Incoming line from firm A is an ADSL line, firm B has a cable connection.
Inside their network they want to be able to share client communication and printers, but their client ordering and billing system is a will stay separated for a while.
Later on they want to merge completely.
Outside they have two IP lines to their separate headquarters.
Inside they have their own ordering and billing system.
Inside they share client information and printers.

What should these firms use: Freesco or VPN
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Re: Bridging mode?

Postby Lightning » Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:35 am

This seems reasonably straight forward. One internal LAN with all computers on a single network. But they need to routers setup with static DHCP for every internal computer. Each individual router would then give it's own clients the proper gateway to access the Internet and yet everything internal would be shared.
Trying to bridge two internal networks would be a lot more effort and require custom routing in each client. The above configuration could be done on two routers without much time or trouble.
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