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Freesco v0.4.3

Postby Lightning » Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:20 am

Freesco v0.4.3 has just been released. Along with a lot of changes and bug fixes Freesco now supports software raid with the addition of a third party kernel that can be installed easily.
To download the latest version go to

Here is a list of the changes to v0.4.3
############################## Changes in v0.4.3 ##############################
Released 1/16/2011

Removed debugging option from the dhcp server script and setup, which can not

Repaired the dyndns noip client to activate the updated hosts. Previously the IP
would update but during the update process the account was not re activated.

Repaired bug in the commonfn script that caused the web control panel User/add
option not to function properly.

Repaired a typo in the language file for the default editor which was shown as
/bin/edt and should have been /sbin/edt

Repaired the dynamic DNS NO-IP client to work with their new update protocol.

Repaired the firewall status color coding in the addon package menu firewall
enable/disable section of the setup.

Repaired some network routing problems in the rc_net script when the firewall is

Repaired firewall logging issue that caused the firewall to fail when firewall
logging was disabled.

Repaired 'cp /boot/kbd/*' error during system backups.

Repaired PXE and USB installs so that the correct version of FREESCO is
installed on the hard drive during a move2hd command.

Repaired a bug in the setup that prevented changing the default package
download URL.

Repaired a bug in the rc_dns script that caused internal host names and dynamic
DNS entries not not to be resolved by the system when the DNS server was

Repaired a bug in the diagnostic sound system that caused a bogus log entry for
sounds being disabled due to a time restriction when the sounds were disabled.

Repaired the setup firewall enable/disable section so that colors of enabled
and disabled firewall rules for packages is displayed correctly.

Repaired some minor language bugs for synctime and crontab. This bug caused any
non English control character set not to work correctly.

Repaired the dyndns client so that IP updates are registered correctly.
Previously the client would register a success IP update even when
the router was offline.

Repaired a bug in the diagnostic sound section of the setup that prevented
kernel, lease and login example sounds to be played during setup or when the -f
flag is used using the "play" command.

Repaired a bug in the extended debug logging for pppd in high speed PPPoE and
PPtP connections.

Changed the arpf binary into shell script. The functions are still identical to
the original binary, but it takes a lot less disk space.

Changed all of the built in network card drivers to reduce code size. This
process involved using the older kernel modules and updating their card
support along with removing almost all of the debugging code

Added software raid0145 and linear support into the kernel source and into the
system shut down process. To enable software raid a third party raid enabled
kernel must be installed.

Added the 'test' binary and '[' into the system for better scripting support.
Which now includes all of the standard option flags.

Added settings information to the setup -> system settings menu main display.

Added extra logging information for the LPD server so it displays feed and raw
queue information in the main system logs at startup and on tty5.

Added a firewall only mode to the rc_masq script so that NAT can be disabled and
still maintain firewall rules for service ports and any other specific
exclusions needed.

Added a automatic restart of the ppp monitoring script any time a new IP address
is received. This resolves any problems with the script using an inaccurate IP
address for testing connectivity.

Added the French language into the main boot system translation variables.
Thanks to Dorian48 for the translation

Added the Portuguese language into the main boot system translation variables.
Thanks to py2cac for the translation

Added a manual option to the 'setsite' command. This option allows the user not
to have to wait for package mirror timing and package listing downloads from
all available mirrors. Of course this also means that only the packages from
that single URL will be available for installation.

Added the 'version' command. This command lists the FREESCO version and the
kernel version along with when the kernel was compiled.

Added local port redirect into the restrict.cfg. This allows for any internal
client to be redirected from an external URL to a local server port. This can
be used in conjunction with other restrict commands at the same time.

Removed the ident server. This server is used a lot and never configured. This
server serves no purpose in almost all router configurations. So the disk space
it used is better served as free space on the floppy. However for those who do
actually want or need this server, it has now been made into an add on package.

Added the Dutch language translation into the system. Thanks to Dingetge and
Thasaidon for accomplishing this for the FREESCO community.

Added the ability to make and use special language files or even just make
minor changes to language files and put them in the /boot/language/ directory
and they will overwrite the built in language files or replace specific
pre-made alternate language files.

Added the gigabit rtl8169 network card driver into the base system. This driver
supports the D-Link DGE-528T and Netgear GA-311 network cards along with newer
rtl8110 and rtl8111 chip sets. Thanks to Erik Janp for repairing the driver.

Added local forwarding to an external IP in the restrict.cfg. This allows the
restrict.cfg to control local access to specific external IP address and
optionally include time/day restrictions as well for those sites.

Added the "raidmon" script into the ext2 package. This script monitors the
raid status if software raid is enabled and the ext2 package installed. The
script outputs warnings into the log and uses a special built in sound to ensure
the raid system is always fully functional. When enabled the special sound is
played in the setup in the diagnostic sound section of the setup.

Added the wakelan 0.2.1 source into busybox and included it in the main system.
This aloows remote computers to be started without the need for an add-on

Added new variables for the TCP FIN and UDP masquerade timeouts in the rc_masq
script. This makes it possible to set shorter timeouts for masquerading and
eliminating the need to manually change these values when needed. This is an
advanced option and most users will never need to adjust these values.

83K free on the floppy.
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