3rd Party Package Requesting

Postby TeCuMSeH » Thu Aug 05, 2004 12:18 pm

Is it possible to compile this <a href='http://nbsmtp.ferdyx.org/' target='_blank'>nbSMTP</a> for Freesco because installing Exim might be a bit overkill if you only want to forward mail through your isp's mailserver. Don't know if this is libc.so.5 compatible though. I did try to find something about that on the website and inside the tar.gz file but that's as far as my knowledge goes.
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Postby dingetje » Fri Aug 06, 2004 4:04 am

After some tweaking it compiled. It also seems to work, but I've also found it was quite easy to crash the program (when I executed it with the commandline swith -h (common for help), it crashed. Turned out -H is for help and -h expects an argument).

It seems a bit too much to create a package for this one, since it's only a single binary.
You can download it from <a href='http://dingetje.homeip.net/downloads/nbsmtp' target='_blank'>here</a>

Install for FREESCO 03x:

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cd /pkg/bin
snarf -n http://dingetje.homeip.net/downloads/nbsmtp
chmod +x nbsmtp

Test it:

1) create a text file testmail.txt with a test mail with the following contents:

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From: you@some.domain
To: friend@some.other.domain
Subject: Hello world from nbSMTP

This is just a test

Where: you@some.domain is a valid e-mail you own, and friend@some.other.domain is either you too or a friend who is willing to be the guinea pig for your little experiment :)

2) Run nbSMTP like so:

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nbsmtp -V -h SMTP.YOUR.ISP -f you@some.domain < testmail.txt

Where SMTP.YOUR.ISP is the domain name of the relay mail server (typically your ISP's mail server). The -V option shows the progress and is normally not required.

When the test is succesfull, you'll need to create a small shell wrapper script to nbSMTP to emulate sendmail.

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exec /pkg/bin/nbsmtp -h SMTP.YOUR.ISP -f you@some.domain $*

save this script in a file /pkg/bin/sendmail and chmod +x it.
I haven't actually tested this script, but you'll get the idea.

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