Freesco givs me bad download/upload

Freesco givs me bad download/upload

Postby esau » Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:14 am

I get much slower download/upload while using Freeso router than I have using direct line from modem to computer.
I tested it on several occasions. I use adsl 6-12 mbits/sec. Using the router I get 0,7-4,2 average upload/download.
Using direct communication between computer and modem I get 0,9-18.2 as average.
Earlier this year I tested it but didnt get such big difference.
You are welcome with explanations, tips and hints.
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Re: Freesco givs me bad download/upload

Postby Lightning » Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:33 am

This is the Swedish section of the forum and I suspect you posted here by mistake, if you would like this post moved to a different section of the forum let me know.

Regardless there can be differences in upload/download speed using FREESCO. But it is always related to the hardware being used. If you use cheep network cards that are not bus mastering cards or they have a very small cache built into the card then it can have a huge effect on throughput. The main thing to understand is that any network card will work as a client network connection. But FREESCO has to process that information through two of them at the same time. You also can have poor throughput if the processor is not fast enough for high speed routing. 386/486 CPU's will route dial-up connections wonderfully. But the more bandwidth you want to put through the machine requires more CPU even when using good network cards. If you have a 12Mbit connection then I would say at least a PII 233 and maybe even a 333 and that number is if you are using the modem for the PPP connection and not just in bridge mode.

If you list your report.txt or even the system specs then I can let you know where the issue is coming from.
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