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Postby dilberts_left_nut » Tue Feb 26, 2008 5:00 am

I have done a hatchet job on Lightning's hosts package (1.7) to add the ability to add/remove/view "includes" to the control panel.

In the same way you can add "excludes" but for sites you want to "ban" and will survive an update.

It creates a hosts.include file and copies it into the hosts file after dns.cfg and before hosts.dnld

I will not attempt to make a pkg ( I had enough trouble tar-ing the files ;) )

The tar is here <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

You will need to manually put the files in the right places (and backup your original rc_hosts file - this is the only file changed - the rest go in Addons/Hosts).

PS. This may or may not work as advertised, I just made it work on my system and there is NO WARRANTY, express or implied :D
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Postby bob selby » Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:48 pm

Lightning wrote: Actually the system it's self has this capability. Just go into the advanced setup and under the DNS server just use the export services option and add any site you want into it with an ip of something like (TAB)

Once you are finished just use

rc_dns restart

and that site will no longer be accessible by it's name and the hosts update will no longer remove it.

Thanks Lightning - worked a treat.
bob selby
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Postby Breazel » Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:57 am

I'm sorry, but link to
pkg -i <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

don't work now.

Where also we can find it?
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Postby dingetje » Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:43 pm


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pkg -i

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