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Postby TheLight55 » Wed Jul 31, 2002 5:37 pm

<font color='#000000'>Hey all,

Please note that i'm moving to a new home. on the 8-8-2002...as a result i have to move the adsl connection also, wich wil take 4WEEKS...!!!!
I cant speed things up thanx to our telco here,so i have to take the mirror and the rest of my servers down for about 3 weeks.
Even more terrible..i heard that it could take 5 weeks also......i have my hope up that it will be as soon as possible.
I'm trying to move the mirror to another server but please note that only the url : <a href="http://thelight.mine.nu/freescosoft/" target="_blank">http://thelight.mine.nu/freescosoft/</a> will work and not the url's wich point to : <a href="http://tis2001.xs4all.nl/freescosoft/" target="_blank">http://tis2001.xs4all.nl/freescosoft/</a> .
As soon as i have set this up i will mail you more info......
Ofcourse when i can access my own ADSL-connection and ip adress again , everything will be back to normal...!!!!
Please note that i will create a info page about the status on this url : <a href="http://www.xs4all.nl/~2001/" target="_blank">http://www.xs4all.nl/~2001/</a>

Sorry about this and i hope it will be back asp.


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