FREESCO v0.4.5 released

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FREESCO v0.4.5 released

Postby Lightning » Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:50 pm

You can download the latest release of FREESCO from SourceForge at

############################## Changes in v0.4.5 ##############################
Released 3/30/2014

Repaired a bug in the firewall from v0.4.4 that prevented dial-up routers from
routing traffic correctly.

Repaired a bug in the login 'profile' script that caused the 'UID' environment
variable not to be set. Also added the 'GID' environment variable.

Repaired a bug in the 'pkg' package command that prevented the packages list
from being updated properly.

Repaired a bug in the setup that did not allow the use of the 'p' key on floppy
installs to install the 'ext2' package from the menu.

Repaired the SSH server to allow 'root' logins when enabled on a live CD or
when booted with USB or through a PXE network install.

Repaired a bug in the netmond binary that prevented more than seven IP entries
from being shown on screen 6. Currently up to 15 can now be seen on screen 6 and
an almost unlimited amount will show in the log file in /var/netmon.log or in
the control panel when viewing the network monitor.

Added 'dhcping' to help diagnose DHCP issues on any subnet.

Added a second option in the 'setsite' script to set the package download URL
manually if the auto selected site is not wanted.

Added the -E flag to the DNS server so that reverse lookups resolve to the fully
qualified domain name for the local network.

Added the 'alc' option into the access restriction file. This allows cross
communication between defined IP's or subnets when general communication
has been 'untrusted' for security on multiple local subnets. So a shared printer
or an administrative computer can be given access to other internal subnets.

Added the 'bsp' and 'asp' options into the restrict.cfg access control file.
These two options allow control over service ports and stand for 'Ban Service
Port' and 'Allow Service Port'. So if you have a non standard service or a port
forward that you want to control access to. These two options facilitate the
control and can optionally have time and day restrictions included as well.

Added a registration prompt for new systems. This prompt simply asks for a
registration name and sends the name and FREESCO version number to the
home URL configured on the system. This prompt is NOT intended as an
inconvienence to users, but rather a way to track the number of users of the
current system. There is no name checking or personal information needed as
this information is only used for counting users.

Added 'ftpblock' to the main system and it is used when the FTP server is
enabled. This script monitors FTP logins and blocks failed login attempts after
the configured number of failed attempts is reached. The block time is also
configured in minutes. This script prevents brute force user:password attacks
on the FTP server from internal and external sources. Once an IP address is
banned the client no longer has access to any FREESCO service until the
block time has been reached.

Added 'sshblock' to the main system and it is used when the SSH server is
enabled. This script monitors SSH logins and blocks failed logins after 5 failed
attempts. The block time is configured in minutes. This script prevents brute
force user:password attacks on the SSH server from internal and external
sources. Once an IP address is banned the client no longer has access to any
FREESCO service until the block time has been reached.

Added a patch to the SSH server (Dropbear) so that empty passwords are allowed
using the '-G' server flag. This is beneficial in testing environments and
where security is of no concern.

Added the 'filedate' script that is capable of displaying any file date
information such as day of week, month in Abbreviated or two digit number
format, day, year and time a file was last modified. It is also capable of
delineating the fields with or without spaces or any deliminator you choose.
It can also create a number capable of being used in other scripting to compare
file dates to determine what file is newer than another or the age of a file.

Added the ability to create new FREESCO floppies from within the setup on hard
drive installs. To enable this feature, just copy the 'freesco.[version]' file
to the /pkg/freesco directory of your system or install one of the disk image

Added to the dynamic DNS client, this is a completely free
service. Also removed everydns because the service no longer exists.

Added the ability to create home directories for FTP user accounts the same as
normal users.

Added some error checking into the ext2 package so if a hard drive is not found
on the system, the user is prompted to abort the install. Also added the 'x'
exit option to most questions so the user can exit the install at any point.

Added the NFS file system and NFS support into the mount command so that remote
NFS servers can have a directory mounted on FREESCO.

Added the inetd (Internet service daemon) super-server daemon. This daemon
is required to run the tftp server and it can be configured to run other
servers as well.

Added the tftpd server. This server is required in order to run a PXE server on
FREESCO and be able to network boot local machines or software.

Added the 'tuxhunter' game. This is a very simple game where you track down
and wound or kill an innocent penguin. But FREESCO would never be complete
without a game that is fun and challenging to play and to challenge others to
beat your score. This game keeps your score and if you choose, you can upload
your score to the FREESCO web site and see how you compare with other users
world wide. This feature is built into the web control panel to display the top
58 scores either locally or globally as well as within the game.

Added "calc", a simple command line calculator that can save your work or print
it as well. Hey if it's good enough for Microsoft it is good enough for FREESCO.

Changed the control panel output for the logs so that they are in ascending
order instead of descending, which is the actual text file log format.

Changed the system logging facility to no longer print out duplicated messages
as "Last message repeated X number of times". Instead each message is printed as
it is sent from the client. This change makes automated processing of the logs
much more accurate when checking for specific messages and how many times they
appear in the logs.

Changed the web control panel. Improved a number of sections of the web control
panel to improve the ease of making changes. Notably the static DHCP lease,
port forwarding and user menu sections.

Changed the admin and root user name change and password section of the
advanced setup to be more robust and to include some extra error checking to
prevent issues with the password file.

Changed the kernel in v0.4.5. This means that loose_udp is no longer enabled by
default and some specific hardware may require the kernel to be changed to one
of the 0.4.3 or 0.4.4 kernels to get a full cone NAT router instead of a port
restricted NAT as it is now by default.

29K free on floppy
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