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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 12:55 pm
by Howler
Hello all,

As quite a few people have noticed, there have been some issues with the 'page' operation of the Support Forums here, for the last few weeks or so.

Please be patient as we determine the steps that will be taken. Depending on our descision, the forum may be offline until the appropriate action is taken and/or we resolve the issues that have been seen here.

I am sorry but for the moment new registrations will be disabled, I will see what I can do to make sure that users who need support are abe to get it. UNTIL THEN there is one section that is open to all users (registered or not) that is the 'Registration Issues' section, please use this until a better way is found or the forums are fixed.
There are a few other sections/areas of the forums here, that will not operate as they are supposed to (these are the issues I am speaking about above), you will have to just wait till we get it corrected before you can use them again (sorry people)