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PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2006 10:14 pm
by Howler
Hello all FREESCO Users

Well Here is the Short story, followed by the long version.


The Short Story ...

The Old forum ( is no longer. The server is gone and the files on it are gone. Use this forum as you had used the other one.


The Long Story ...

A couple weeks ago now, the forums ( site, hosted on the dedicated server that I 'HAD', went off line. Up to that time we have had a few issues with being down for a couple days or so (every other month or so). Well this time it did not come back on. The owner told me, over the phone, that there was a power issue (the same reason for the last downtime). I was getting worried at this point, because it had already been a week and that was the first time I had been able to speak to an actual person. I decided to do some other research and made some phone calls. Well it looks like the place that was housing the server, went out of business. Things did not look any better as I dove deeper into the research. I will not go into all the details as things are still in processes.

This left me with the latest backup that I had been able to download, which is from July 13th 2006. This means we have lost almost 5 months worth of posts. Understand that Unlike the majority of everyone on the forums here, I am still running off of dial-up (ok everyone sigh all at once now, keep in harmony please). ok ok ok. Yes that is changing, but back to the subject. Since I am on dial-up it makes it kind of hard to keep making 200+Mb backups every month, that takes a day or more to download and etc. etc. etc. Well it bit me in the ASS hard this time. BUT there is SOMETHING at least.

Now that we have gotten a new home made for the forum, I worked on doing the SQL stuff, well the LARGE LARGE 80+Mb SQL command file, was a problem. Even manually editing the file and such it is still a big issue. So it was decided to ARCHIVE the forum that was backed-up (To July 2006) A link to this forum will be included in the forums here, after I get it completed and running like I want it to (a lot of re-work to fix errors). The Old Forum will be in "Read Only" mode, but can be accessed. The new forum (this one here) will be used up to an undetermined date, then it will also be archived, to keep a little more control over the backup size, and still not loose any information, just move it. The archive process, I am hoping, will keep the amount of downtime (heaven forbid) to a smaller amount int he need of moving it like this again (which should not happen).

I have to appologize for this issue, in reality the forum should have been moved after the downtimes started to be more frequent, but hind site is 20/20 :(

On another note, along side the Forum issue, that is FREESCOsoft ...
Well ... FREESCOsoft is off-line until further notice. I am very sorry, but I have no place to host the large (file size) site yet. I am working on it, but no luck so far. Please use the mirror sites, they will (should) have the latest copy (within a week of the downtime, normally), and should be online yet. I will get something setup under that domain, to point to the other mirrors. This site !!!! WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY PACKAGES OR PAGES !!!! (please refer to the dial-up issue I mentioned before).

Again, I am sorry for all of the issues this may have caused for everyone on the forums here. Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon and we can continue to give the same high quality of support, as we have in the past.

Kevin 'Howler' Perry