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Changes from 041 to 042

Released Mar 14 2009

Repaired bug in the move2hd command on FAT hard drive installs when using the "overwrite" option that prevented the system from recognizing the correct version.

Repaired bug in the keyboard map loader that caused map files to fail loading.

Repaired bug in the newly added 0.4.1 patching mechanism that caused the wrong text to be displayed at boot time when patches were installed on the system.

Recompiled the thttpd web server to use the same file names and directory structure as the Apache web server. This change will eliminate any confusion between the two different web servers when using custom error web pages. The new directory and file name for custom web pages is /www/error/401.html, which is now identical with the Apache web server and the file name corresponds to the web page error.

Added the boot time Spanish language translation into the system so that the base system commands before the drive is mounted will show correctly in Spanish when defined as the default language. There is also now a Spanish language translation for the system. A big thanks to René Guzmán Gil (Hitio) for making this translation. The Spanish language translation is included in the

Updated the file with the latest time zone information. This should make the necessary adjustments for the recently changed daylight savings dates and times so the FREESCO adjusts the time correctly when using a time zone file rather than the static offset.

68K free on the foppy.