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Changes from 040 to 041

Released Jan 31 2009

Repaired the check and removal of the pci-scan or 8390 modules when they are not needed by the system.

Repaired bug in rc_ras that produced a 'n' in the modem options file when three DNS servers were not defined.

Repaired bug in rc_dns that caused local name resolution of DHCP clients to fail

Repaired bug in the setup patch install section that caused previously installed patches not to show up as already installed.

Repaired bug in the setup that prevented a newly set default package site from being saved when the system configuration was saved during exiting.

Repaired bug in the patch install section of the setup that prevented the proper URL from being used when a default package URL was not set prior to running the patch check.

Repaired modem INIT string problem during the initial setup of the modem. This corection automatically sets 'ATZ' as the default INIT string any time the INIT string is left blank.

Repaired bug in the pkg script that prevented ramdisk packages from being installed once a system patch packages has been installed. Now the system treats patch packages as part of the system rather than normal packages. This also means that patch packages are installed differently than standard packages.

Repaired a bug in the script that creates the public and private default web server page. This bug did not insert the users name in the banner line to show which users page was being displayed.

Changed the modem autodetection to use 38400 as the default com port speed for dial in modems rather than the maximum modem speed which caused modem failure in some cases. This does not effect or apply to primary dialup modem settings which should be set at maximum port speed.

Changed the 'pkg' command global search parameters to now search each mirror in all package and file locations. This means as long as the package/file name is typed correctly it will be found regardless of whether it is a release/beta package, non-package, or kernel.

Added cursor control into the advanced modem setup.

Added a new patching mechanism that allows for a more seamless integration of patches built into the system. This also allows the patches to modify system files that could not be patched previously inside the ramdisk. Replacement of system /rc/rc_* files as well as system scripts can now be patched using compressed gzip files which allows more room for patches on floppy installs.

Added kernel and automated installation into the 'pkg' command for hard drive installs. This feature is not activated for floppy drive installs which still must be done manually. Any time a 'kernel' is selected in the package viewer there is a prompt to install the kernel as the running kernel. If answered 'y'es then that kernel is installed and the original kernel is saved as kernel.#####~. If answered 'n'o then the kernel is just downloaded and saved as any non-package download.

Added the no-ip and everydns clients into the dynamic DNS client. This means that the built in client now supports noip, zoneedit, dhs, domain_dns, sitelutions, loopia, everydns, and all three forms of dyndns (dynamic, customdns, and staticdns). It also still maintains the capability to support unlisted clients if you have the update requirements available. This client is also capable of supporting all of these clients at the same time and update multiple URL's for each individual client at once.

Added a -T flag to the snarf binary. The new -T flag adds a timeout to any connection in seconds. This prevents snarf from waiting longer than the specified number of seconds to connect with any URL. If omitted the default is 60 seconds. Thanks to justdave for making this change.

68K free on the foppy.