Changes fron 035 to 036

Repaired comma syntax in the setup.

Repaired routing problem to PPPoE modems when the "route" option is enabled so that direct access to the modem control page is allowed for all trusted internal networks. Which also means that setting a single network as untrusted removes that networks access to the modems control panel even when the route is enabled.

Repaired pppmon to function correctly, also integrated it into the rc_net script so that the entire network is not restarted when it is called from pppmon and it only kills the pppd process. This also keeps all of the network statistics intact for all of the interfaces. The rc_net has also been changed so that it does not not kill the pppmon process when it shuts down when called from pppmon. Changed the timeouts in pppmon so that pppd has control over most connection issues except when it is unable to recover the connection itself. Added an lcp-echo-interval and lcp-echo-failure time limit into the pppd options for PPPoE connections. The new intergration and changes should make ethernet PPP connections much more stable as well as reliable even on systems with less than reliable service.

Repaired -b flag error in the pkg script when installing a ramdisk package.

Repaired the WLDC= variable in the dyndns script so that wildcard=on can be enabled through the client. Also repaired a small bug in the dyndns script which caused an error the first time it is ran. Some scripting changes to reduce the total script size.

Repaired the web server to execute CGI scipts when user web pages are disabled. This repair adds a new flag to thttpd, the -W command line flag now has control over enabling user web pages. Thanks to justdave for the code changes.

Repaired the "userdel" script to delete FTP users rather than reporting the user does not exist.

Changed the default IP and network range for all Ethernet PPP connections as well as added a modem IP section into the setup anytime a Ethernet PPP connection is enabled with the "add route" option. This is due to larger numbers of modems defaulting to the IP/subnet from the factory.

Changed the update file for the dyndns client so that it uses a separate file for storing current update information. This resolves a problem if the machine runs out of disk space and can not store the update information. The primary configuration hard copy for the dyndns client is still intact, the update information is current in the ramdisk but lost from being stored permanently. The client is still usable from within the ramdisk and can be used by the system until a reboot which would reset the update information when there is no disk space availible for permenent storage of the data.

Changed the ip-up and ip-down into a single script to reduce code as well as some minor changes to integrate pppmon.

Changed the way modules are loaded in rc_boot which increases boot speed on all routers with PCI network cards and will not decrease it for ISA cards.

Changed the useradd script to show the category a user is in rather than all users in one category.

Added the /pkg/bin directory back onto the floppy to resolve problems with some packages that need the directory.

Added DHCP client support for network #0 when running as a dial-up or leased line router.

Added an option into the setup to enable or disable port forwarding completely rather than having to remove the port forwarding entries in the configuration file.

Added a safety check into the setup so that when using "q"(quit), if there has actually been any changes to the configuration you are prompted and told there has been changes and gives the option to save the changes or not. This prevents forgetting you changed something and makes the setup more reliable especially in the first time setup mode.

Added an animated penguin into the boot logo screen. Definately not a critical addition, but it looks pretty neat and as long as space constraints don't get to high it will stay.

Added the "nice" binary to reduce CPU usage for scripts that would normally use 99% when they are activated. This is primarily used for the clock screen saver but it is also used when pppmon is running. It also can be used for any client aplications when CPU usage is to high or you just want to reduce that aplications CPU usage in general.

Added a clock screen saver, the new clock has both 12 and 24 hour display options in the advanced "savers" section of the setup.

Added a "shutdown)" option into the /rc/rc_user script. This addresses problems when mounting another drive or partition in in the boot) section and provides a location for unmounting it. As with the boot) option being the first thing that is executed at startup, the shutdown) section is the last thing executed at shutdown time.

Added the usleep binary so that specific wait times can be timed in milliseconds instead of just seconds.

Currently 56K free on the floppy.