FREESCO 0.3.8 released!

Winners of the CCA 2007 have been posted. While FREESCO fell short of securing #1 vote for Best User Support, FREESCO did well over all, falling within the top ten, out of over 150,000 open source projects listed @ Congratulations!

The CCA 2007 final voting phase begins. Votes for FREESCO as "Best User Support" will continue to be accepted until 20-July-2007. Get your votes in now!

Sourceforge launched it's 2007 Community Choice Awards. Thanks to YOUR nominations, the FREESCO router project has made the top ten for "Best User Support", out of over 150,000 open source projects hosted @

FREESCO 0.3.7 released

We are experiencing a few hickups at the main FREESCO website. And as a result, it was decided to temporarily shut the forum down, while the "bugs" get ironed out. So be patient all, as the forum will be back up shortly.

The Documentation section has been updated. The changes have sought to float to the surface some of the content of our documented resources. And to make it easier for our user base to locate relevant information.

Anticipation grows as FREESCO 0.3.7 continues to weather a successful beta-testing phase. And true to Lightning's development style and workmanship, this next release promises to be even better than any of its predecessors.

SETUP of the archived Support Forum is now COMPLETE. And is available for user access. View the Forum announcement for more details.

Setup of the archived Support Forum is near completion. And will be opened for user access shortly.

As Howler has indicated in his post HERE, the archived forum will be in "Read-Only" mode, available for viewing and searching.

The main website has undergone some optimization changes. You should notice a big difference in load times with the latest modifications in place.

As most of you are aware, the forum has been offline since 30-Nov-2006. Thanks to the efforts of Lightning, Howler and K-Ray, FREESCO's Support Forum is now back ONLINE.

The forum link, that everyone has been accustomed to, has changed. It is in your best interest to access the support forum from this the main site.

-- eof --